Top 5 Best Mesh WiFi For GiGabit Internet

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The Internet has evolved into a crucial component of our daily life. Even for an hour without it, we can’t envision our lives. So whether you’re working, cooking, commuting, playing games, or just sitting around, the Internet is an essential part of your day.

In order to ensure consistent connection and higher speeds, it is becoming more important to use the best mesh router on the market.

Since 2020, businesses have realised the advantages of allowing employees to work from home, and this dynamic is now commonly used by a broad range of businesses. School has also moved online; maintaining a connection that allows for crystal-clear video conferencing takes effort and time.

Mesh routers are distinguished by their ability to improve signal strength in dead zones of your home, allowing you to enjoy the fastest possible speeds as you walk about the house or continue working.

Here is my selection of the best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers on the market today.

Google Nest Wi-Fi

  • Wireless Internet
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Easy to Buy

Asus Zen Wi Fi AX

  • 1 USB port
  • MU-MIMO Technology


  • Wireless Specification
  • 3 Number of Bands
  • AC Speed

1. Google Nest Wi-Fi AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

tplink deco x20 mesh wifi router system
  • Wireless Internet
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Easy to Buy


  • Good performance
  • Google Assistant with music
  • Easy setup


  • Short range
  • Speaker doesn’t get loud enough

It’s simple to conceal Nest WiFi mesh routers since they appear like large plastic marshmallows. It is possible to place them on a windowsill or a coffee table in addition to a shelf. At 3.6 inches tall, the router measures 4.3 inches in diameter. The Point extensions, on the other hand, are a bit smaller, measuring 4.0 inches in diameter by 3.4 inches in height. To put that in perspective, the Netgear Orbi is over 10 inches taller and has shotgun cooling holes on the bottom of it.

A wide range of home dcor may be accommodated by Google Home’s growing design language of organic forms with no harsh edges and soft hues. Extensions for the router are available in three different colours: Mist (blue), Sand (beige), and white.

With a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and two Digital Signal Processors (DSP), the Nest WiFi router and extensions employ a modified version of Qualcomm’s QCS400 chip family. The extensions also have far-field speech pickup. With 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage for firmware and settings, the router is well-equipped, whereas the add-on devices only have 768MB and 512MB of RAM.

Thanks to a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), your router’s firmware upgrades are safe and secure. Software modifications are safe as long as Google has digitally signed them before they are allowed. With WPA 3 security built in, only a few networking devices are capable of using this new standard. You may still use WPA 2 if you like.

2. Asus Zen Wi Fi AX Whole-Home Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (XT8) – 2 Pack

tplink deco x20 mesh wifi router system
  • 1 USB port
  • MU-MIMO Technology


  • Two-year warranty
  • Good Wi-Fi 6 performance
  • Protects against malware


  • Not compatible with specific CCTV cameras
  • Expensive

The Asus XT-8 tri-band router, which has Wi Fi 6 Technology, is available now. The gadget may be set up in three easy stages, which are described below. The Asus Router App, on the other hand, allows you to operate your router remotely.

MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and Zen Wi Fi AX are all included into the device, which allows it to be even more efficient when numerous devices are connected, as shown.

The Asus Zen Wi-Fi promises to provide speeds of up to 6600 Mbps throughout your house. Trend Micro is also included with the gadget, which protects you from viruses and other hazards that may arise while you are connected to the internet.

Additionally, the gadget allows you to setup many guest accesses, each with a unique password. Furthermore, you can monitor and limit what your children are exposed to via the use of impeccably designed parental controls.

If you want this device to be used across a greater region, it may be setup with tiny routers to enable its AiMesh Technology to function. The ability to broadcast video at four times the speed of light and make video calls while moving between rooms has been added.

3. Linksys AX4200 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router Whole Home Mesh Wi Fi System

tplink deco x20 mesh wifi router system
  • Wireless Specification
  • 3 Number of Bands
  • AC Speed


  • Easy to install
  • Solid throughput performance and range
  • Wide coverage area


  • Expensive
  • Bulky nodes
  • Lacks malware protection

A single-node MX4200 ($249.99) can cover up to 2,700 square feet, while the three-node MX12600 system (which we tested) covers 8,100 square feet.

The Velop MX10’s huge white enclosures are used in this system. They have a height of 9.6 inches, a width of 4.5 inches, and a depth of 4.5 inches. Linksys makes the most of its large size: A USB 3.0 port and three Gigabit Ethernet ports (one WAN and one LAN) are included on each node. Wi-Fi systems like the TP-Link AX3000 and TrendNet TEW-830MDR2K have just two LAN ports. When connected, the LED status indicator on top of each Velop node is blue. It goes red when the internet connection is lost. It becomes yellow when another node is out of range. And it turns purple when the node is being set up. Each node has an On/Off switch, a reset button, and a WPS button on the bottom of the device.

Quad-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, and 512MB of flash memory power the Velop AX4200. There are two 5GHz bands, one with a data rate of 1,200 Mbps and the other with a data rate of 2,400 Mbps, making it a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 system. There is no support for 160MHz channel bandwidth, but the system supports dynamic wireless backhaul and wired backhaul and uses the latest 802.11ax technologies including WPA3 encryption, 1024 QAM, Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) transmissions of data, and MU-MIMO simultaneous data streaming.

The Linksys mobile app for Android and iOS may be used to monitor and control your Velop network. The name of your network, its current state (online/offline), and tabs for connected devices and nodes appear on the home screen when you open the mobile app. Access clients’ IP and MAC addresses and bandwidth priorities by selecting the devices tab. You may also activate parental controls on an individual client by selecting the corresponding entry in the client list.

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk Advanced Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 System

tplink deco x20 mesh wifi router system
  • Impressive top speeds
  • Appealing, understated design
  • Great value among Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers


  • Easy installation with App
  • 1.8 Gbps
  • Wi-Fi 6 technology


  • Work with only recent technologies

The Netgear Nighthawk MK63S is widely regarded as the “godfather” of mesh Wi-Fi networks that are enabled by the most current technological advancements. Netgear’s dual-band frequency spans a 4,500-square-foot area, allowing you to enjoy high-speed internet in every room of your house.

Because to Wi-Fi 6 Technology, you no longer have to worry about the signal drop issue or poor connection. Every item streams and downloads smoothly with 1.8 Gbps internet speed.

Surprisingly, it is compatible with all internet service providers, including DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber-optic networks. Setting it up is also really simple, and even someone with no prior networking experience can set it up using the Netgear Nighthawk App using a short and simple instructions provided by the company.

In addition, the device includes a 90-day subscription to Bitdefender, which will protect you from all malware, viruses, and other threats.

Because this fantastic Internet is best suited for online video streaming and gaming, you may connect your console or any device that has a Gigabit LAN Ethernet connector to this network. When directly linked to gigabit ports, the experience is elevated to a whole new level of performance.

Approximately 1,500 square feet is covered by the Netgear Nighthawk MK63S mesh network as a whole. Other distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the competition include OFDMA, Beamforming, MU-MIMO, compatibility for WPA3 protocols, a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU, and 1024 QAM.

It also makes it easier to manage parental and guest restrictions. Additionally, the nighthawk app can be used to limit usage and restrict some web content based on age appropriateness.

tplink deco x20 mesh wifi router system
  • Dedicated backhaul band.
  • covers up to 4,500 square feet
  • Alexa and IFTTT compatible.


  • Easy to install.
  • Solid throughput in testing.
  • Robust parental controls.


  • Expensive.
  • Lacks Z-Wave support.

Node M9 Plus has two gigabit Ethernet ports (one of which is used as the WAN port on the main router node), a power adapter, reset switch, and USB 2.0 port. If everything is going well, a little LED indicator on the top of the node will be solid green, and it will pulse blue when the node is ready to be set up. Having a red light on signals a problem, such as a broken internet connection.

A quad-core CPU, 4GB of flash memory, and 512MB of RAM reside within each node. There are also six Wi-Fi antennae, a Zigbee antenna, a Bluetooth antenna, a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio, and two 5GHz radios. Node-to-node data transfers use one of the 5GHz bands, but the system may use the other two channels for on-demand backhaul if necessary.

In order to connect and control home automation devices such as Kwikset smart door locks, TP-Link, Cree, Philips and GE smart lights, TP-Link and Centralite smart switches, as well as numerous sensors from companies such as SmartThings and Securifi, the M9 Plus makes use of its numerous wireless radio interfaces. If you have a Nest thermostat, you can use this app to operate it. Z-Wave radio is not included in the Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart Wi-Fi System.

Installing the Deco M9 Plus is as simple as plugging in a standard Wi-Fi adapter. Begin by downloading and signing up for the mobile app. Open the app and select Let’s Begin once you’ve validated your email address. If your modem is listed as M9 Plus, choose it from the drop-down menu and follow the on-screen directions to turn it off. To connect the Deco to your network, press the Next button when the LED starts pulsating blue. This took roughly 3 seconds to complete in my testing.

Once I’d selected a location from the drop-down menu (such as my bedroom, corridor, kitchen, or office), I’d generated a network name and password and linked my phone to it. The Deco was up and running after a short check of the internet connection. To add another deco, I touched the Add Another Deco button and picked my house type (one, two, or three-plus floors). Less than 15 minutes were needed for the complete process.

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Buying Guide

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before making a purchase. In this buyer’s guide for Mesh Wi Fi for gigabit internet, you will learn some fantastic tech analogies and more.

The term itself reveals what it is capable of. There are a variety of devices that may use this option, such as routers. In most instances, the router device comes with this feature to identify the quality necessary for use.

Gaming consoles demand more bandwidth and speed than smartphones. Devices with dual or triband capabilities construct a channel for this purpose, which is identified by the Quality of Service (QoS).

5 GHz and 2.5 GHz bands are the most common configurations for dual-band wireless networks. A decent gaming session is a natural result of this connection between consoles and more popular bands.

With the aid of your smartphones, everyday tasks have gotten a lot easier. Having voice control, smart locks, and the Smart Switch on your smart home devices makes your life so much easier.

While you’re out of town, you may still keep an eye on your home’s locks, air conditioning, and electrical switches. When shopping for a mesh router, be sure to ask whether it will work with your smart home devices; otherwise, you’ll have to figure out a workaround.

Wi-Fi 6 routers frequently have built-in ZigBee as well as these alternatives.

Mesh routers are popular for one simple reason: they provide better coverage than other types of routers. Take a step back and assess what works best for your house before making a decision and placing an order.

You should begin by measuring the overall square footage of your home, paying particular attention to the structure’s walls and foundation. If the signals are to cover an external area like a patio or grass, do you want them to do so? Then, based on these considerations, choose which router cover area best suits your needs.

Mesh routers have the added benefit of allowing you to extend the wireless coverage area by simply adding additional nodes. All of your video conferencing may now be done on the patio without having to worry about weak connections.

Does mesh WiFi support gigabit?

It can have u003cstrongu003eup to 6 Gbps internet speedu003c/strongu003e, while one router and one satellite cover up to 5,000 square feet. The 1 GB of RAM memory and 512 MB of Flash memory is more than enough to support all your internet needs.

Is Orbi good for gigabit?

Supporting internet speeds up to internet speeds of u003cstrongu003eup to 1 Gigabitu003c/strongu003e, this mesh pack is perfect for those who want to make the most of their internet pipe without breaking the bank. For those who have even faster internet connections, the Orbi RBK852 supports speeds up to 2.5 Gigabit.

Is Google mesh a gigabit?

High Flexibility. Every Google Wifi mesh point can be configured to be a router or a satellite to expand wireless coverage. Each device has u003cstrongu003etwo Gigabit Ethernet portsu003c/strongu003e, with one that connects to your modem while the other acts as an access point for wired network devices.

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