How to setup Setek Wifi Range Extender?

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Using SETEK technology, you may get a one-stop solution for all of your network, speed, and streaming challenges. When you use the SETEK wifi range extender, you may increase the speed of your network by decreasing dead zones across your house or workplace. The range extender further expands the coverage area of your network by a factor of two.

It is necessary in order to have continuous internet connectivity across your house or workplace.

SETEK WiFi Extender features-

There are two different varieties of SETEK wifi range extenders available. The two types available are the SETEK wifi range extender SE01 and the SETEK wifi range extender SE02.

  • As a starting point, the Superboost wifi repeater variation of the extender has the capability of supporting network speeds of up to 300 Mbps.
  • In addition, the wifi range extender is easy to set up with any brand of wifi router, which is a second advantage.
  • Finally, a range extender must be compliant with the IEEE 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.3 standards in order to be considered effective.
  • Supports the fourth function of devices that are WPS-enabled.
  • Also included in this model are two auto-negotiation Ethernet ports capable of transmitting at speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Various forms of operation

Wireless router modes include: router mode, repeater mode, access point mode, client mode, and wireless AP mode. Wireless router modes include: router mode, repeater mode, access point mode, client mode, and wireless AP mode. On the SETEK wifi range extender, you may choose from a variety of different wireless bridge modes.

Mode of operation: wireless

Furthermore, this SETEK mode creates a private wireless network, which enables the user to exchange data with a variety of devices across the network. A range extender operating in this mode is most often seen in hotels and restaurants.


It should be noted that this is the default option for the SETEK wifi range extender. This mode is intended to increase or improve the signal strength. Additionally, you may increase the network coverage region of your smartphone. In addition, the repeater mode generates a broad networking zone around your home or workplace, preventing dead zones.

Wireless Access Point

It is also possible to construct a wireless network for the wifi device while using this method of operation. The range extender converts a device’s wired transmission into a wireless signal that may be used elsewhere. This method of connecting the wifi router/devices to the hotel/homeroom internet interface may be accomplished via the use of an ethernet cable.

Using additional wifi devices to share your wireless network effectively creates a new wireless network area is another option.

Client mode

This mode of operation of the range extender also enables wired-only devices to join to a wireless network that is already in place.

What is the procedure for setting up the SETEK wifi range extender?

  • Simple instructions are provided for configuring the SE TEK wifi range extender. It makes no difference whether you’re a seasoned extender user or a complete novice. For the SETEK range extender, there are three different configurations that may be chosen from.
  • The methods for setting the range extender, as well as the phases that must be completed, are described in further depth in the next section.

Using the wifi wizard to set up your network (WPS button)

Furthermore, how to configure a SE TEK wifi range extender by pressing the WPS button. It allows you to setup it without the need for a computer or a mobile device to complete the process. It is possible to setup the range extender without having to log into the browser’s settings page by configuring the WPS button on the device.

The following are the procedures to take in order to configure the SETEK wifi range extender by pressing the WPS button on the device:

  • Connect the range extender to a power outlet that is close to the wifi router or that is within the router’s coverage area.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on the router’s back panel for five seconds to activate the wireless network. Holding the button for 1-2 seconds before releasing it will result in better performance.
  • Within 50 seconds of pressing the WPS button on the router, the connection is established. Hold down the WPS button on the range extender for several seconds.
  • The range extender will be resumed as a result of this. It will restart automatically and establish a successful connection with the router or other device.

Note: If your current wifi SSID is WiFi. It will change to WiFi Plus after you connect to the range extender successfully.

Place the range extender, on the other hand, at a spot where it will be able to reproduce network signals in a low-signal region. Without interfering with the connection’s speed.

Making use of a mobile device

In addition, the default login credentials for the SETEK wifi range extender may be adjusted using a mobile device, which is convenient. Upon receipt of this information, the extender’s label will be produced, and the extender will be inboxed.

The following are the credentials for the SETEK wifi range extender:

  • Firstly, SETEK SE01 Default login IP address:
  • SE02 Default login IP address:
  • Default username – admin (Lowercase).
  • Default password – admin (Lowercase).

The methods for utilizing a mobile device to set up a SETEK WiFi range extender are listed below

  • Firstly, To keep the setek range extender online, plug it into a power outlet first.
  • Now, turn on your cell phone. Then go to WiFi settings and look for the SSID of the range extender.
  • After scanning the last time, you’ll see the SETEK wifi range extender’s default SSID, which is SETEK.

Using a Personal Computer (PC) or a Laptop

Furthermore, Setting up the SETEK wifi range extender may be accomplished with the use of a PC or laptop. Configuring a mobile device follows the same procedures as above. By using a cable connection, you may connect your PC or laptop to the range extender (port). Alternatively, a wireless network (WiFi SSID).

The procedures for utilizing a computer or laptop to set up the SETEK WiFi range extender listed below

  • First, connect the SETEK wifi range extender to a LAN port on your computer or laptop to establish a wired connection to the device.
  • When using a laptop or PC, type in the default wifi SSID from the menu.
  • Enter into the URL field of a web browser on your PC. Go to the login page for the extender now..
  • Use admin as the username and password for the first time you log in.
  • To find networks, the extender scans the area. SSID networks broadcasting in the vicinity of the extender will be shown.
  • Allow SETEK to connect to your wireless device by choosing the SSID of your device and supplying the valid current password.

How can I restore the factory default settings on a SETEK range extender?

It is possible to log into the all-in-one WiFi range extender. If you forget your network password, you can reset it to factory defaults.

It has two ways to reset the extender:

1. Take a moment to reboot your device.
There’s a problem with your range extender or repeater. Performing a soft reset is a common occurrence. When it’s linked to an access point, it suffers connection issues or disconnects often.
When you want to soft reset the range extender, follow these steps:

  • Exemplifying (with administration or maintenance as an option).
  • You may now proceed with a factory reset if you hold down the reset button.
  • Open the extender’s settings first. Go to the system tools now (if you don’t do anything, certain range extenders will return to factory settings and reboot).

2.Perform a hard reset

A factory reset of the range extender’s settings is performed. IP address, username, and password are all gone.

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How can I fix the old wifi extender’s login issues?

To get the best signal and performance from your SETEK, you must first get the WiFi name and password for the current network.
The SETEK signal booster should be placed near your present wifi router. Make sure you follow the instructions in the instruction manual.

What should you do if you lose track of your account and password?

In the midst of a busy schedule, it’s easy to lose track of your login details. Click here if you can’t remember your extender login password. You don’t have to worry about it; we’ve got the solution right here.
Initially, connect the range extender to a PC or laptop through an ethernet connector.
When purchasing an extension, look for a sticker with the default login and password on the back panel. Use these credentials to log back into your extender.

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