How To Connect WiFi Extender To Smart Tv

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A Wi-Fi extender is a relatively basic gadget whose job it is to increase the signal range of your Wi-Fi network by a little amount of distance. More specifically, it connects to your Wi-Fi network and then practically doubles its strength – amplifies it – allowing you to connect to Wi-Fi even in areas where it was previously not feasible.

It’s critical that you position it correctly. It should be placed midway between the Wi-Fi router and the dead zone, according to our recommendations. Place it near to the router to ensure a connection, but also close to areas without Wi-Fi service before. Turn your extender on, then locate and push the WPS button on your router to synchronise it with your wireless network. You must first hit the WPS button on your router to begin the process of connecting to the internet. In this example, we’ll be connecting our television to the extension.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to connect a NETGEAR extender to a smart TV.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Extenders

Internet speeds will not be boosted by using an extension (it will, in fact, slow it down). This is the sole job it plays, as we briefly touched on at the outset of the essay. As an added bonus, you won’t have to spend any money on a new router since this one will work with any of them. It occupies just a little amount of space. Although they may increase the range of your network, extenders can’t provide the same internet speed as the router itself.

How to see the Wi-Fi Network Settings of Your NETGEAR Extender

The next step is to connect all of your gadgets — computers, phones, televisions, and more – to your extension.

First, make sure the extender’s settings are correct. Access the default user interface to achieve this. Check the Wi-Fi password, the network name (SSID), and the Wi-Fi security mode of your NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender before connecting it to your smart television.

To access the NETGEAR extender’s Wi-Fi network settings, follow these steps:

To begin, go to your computer’s desktop and launch a web browser.

In the browser, type in and attempt to access the website You may need to make sure that your router and extension are properly connected.

Log in to the NETGEAR extender now and begin configuring it. Use the extender’s administrator credentials to log in.

Selecting Wireless is a must.

The configuration view of your NETGEAR extender has to be customised in this stage.

You need to make a note of the settings – write down your Wi-Fi password and SSID.

Option 1 – Connect your smart TV to Wi-Fi extender using Wi-Fi (WIRELESS CONNECTION)

Turn on the TV by pressing the power button on the remote control.

Now, locate and push the Menu (or Settings) button on the remote control.

The menu is shown on the screen. Select Network from the drop-down menu, then hit the Ok button in the centre, situated between the arrows.

Your TV will do a search for nearby Wi-Fi networks and provide you with a list of those that it finds..

Use the up and down arrows on the remote control to locate the Wi-Fi network of your extender (for example, NETGEAR EXT).

After you’ve selected the Netgear Extender network, click the OK button to confirm your choice.

You’ll be prompted to enter the extender’s Wi-Fi password when a keyboard appears on your TV screen.

By hitting the OK button, you are confirming that you have the correct password.

Finally, after entering the extender’s network password, click the Connect option.

That’s all! Your smart TV and NETGEAR extension are now linked and ready to use.

Option 2 – Connect your smart TV to Wi-Fi extender using an Ethernet cable (WIRED CONNECTION)

You will find this choice to be much more convenient, and it will also give you with a more dependable connection. In addition, the rates will be faster when compared to the Wi-Fi connection. If you want to connect your Wi-Fi extender to your smart TV, you’ll need one that has an Ethernet connector. Additionally, your television must have an Ethernet port. Some smart TVs will only allow wifi connections, while others will support both.

You’ll need to find the Ethernet connection on the back of your television once you’ve configured your extender. Connect the extender to the TV by running an Ethernet connection from the TV’s Ethernet port to the extender.

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Then, go to the Options menu on your television and choose Network (or Network settings), and then activate the wired connection. When prompted for the Wi-Fi password, enter it using the remote control. The connection will be established in a few seconds after you click OK (or Connect).

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