Will a Wireless Router Work Without Internet? – Easy 5 Steps

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Amazed? To be quite honest, your wireless router is capable of much more than just establishing a wireless network. Do not be concerned if you experience a loss of internet connectivity. Because your wireless router may be used to do a variety of useful tasks even while you are not connected to the internet. Depending on the situation, it may even be entertaining. But how do you do it?

Well, in this post, I will present all of the answers to your questions on how your wireless router may function without the internet and how you can take use of this capability. So, keep an eye out for updates.

First and foremost, let’s look at our very first question.

Can You Use a Wireless Router Without Internet?

You can, of course, do so. Even if you do not have access to the internet, your router may be utilised to build a local area network. With the help of a LAN

  • You have the option of setting up your own home server.
  • Organize LAN parties or video games.
  • Streaming content from your network is possible.
  • Files may be shared across devices that are linked.
  • Communicate with the devices that are connected to the network.
  • Even remotely control equipment is possible!

What an incredible experience, isn’t it? However, in order to achieve the above-mentioned capabilities, your router must have certain characteristics. In our post on the best wifi routers for 2022, you can learn more about them. These characteristics are shared by all of the routers described in that article. You may also want to have a look at the article below, which discusses the best wireless routers according to our requirements.

Now, the rationale for a wireless router having these features is due to the way the internet is designed to function.

The Internet is essentially a massive network of devices linked to one another by billions of connections. As a result, the internet is often referred to as a WAN, or wide area network. The majority of WANs are linked to a large number of MANs (metropolitan area networks) and LANs. Consequently, the local area network (LAN) generated by your wireless router is also a component of the massive wide area network (WAN) known as the internet.

This is why your router can do such remarkable feats even while you are not connected to the internet. Let’s get started on setting up your own LAN. But first and foremost, you must get access to your router.

How To Access Router Without Internet Connection

In order to access your router without the need of an internet connection, you must first determine the IP address of your router. In order to determine the IP address of your router.

  • Connect your router with a laptop or PC via ethernet cable. 
  • Now type CMD on the search box of your PC. You will find a command prompt. 
  • Open it and type “ipconfig”. 
  • Press enter and you will find an interface like the below picture. 
Will a Wireless Router Work Without Internet?
  • You may find your router’s IP address under the default Gateway setting. For purposes of security, I’ve kept mine secret. You will, however, be able to locate yours if you carefully follow our directions.
  • Take note of the IP address.
  • Copy the link and paste it into any browser.
  • It is likely that you will be sent to the router’s access page.
  • You just need to log into your router to be ready to go.

You will not need an internet connection to complete the steps outlined above. Simply follow the steps outlined above, and you will be able to access your router without the need for an internet connection.

As a result, the next step is to create your own wireless network in your house. Keep in mind that if you have approximately 20 devices or more and are seeking for the best router for 20 devices, you should also read our other post on the best router for 20 devices.

How To Setup A Wireless Network Without Internet 

Setting up a wireless network without the use of the internet may be a difficult and time-consuming task that requires extensive knowledge. However, if you adhere to our instructions to the letter, you will have no problems. If, on the other hand, you already have a wireless network in your house, you are not need to complete these procedures.

Components needed 

  1. Wireless router. 
  2. Ethernet cables.
  3. Network Switch.(if needed)

Step-1: Connect Your Router to a Power Source

It’s a rather straightforward procedure. Simply connect the adapter to your router and turn it on to begin using it. After that, wait for the signal LEDs on your router to illuminate.

Step-2: Connect Your Router to a PC

Locate all of the ethernet ports on your router at this point. The majority of routers are equipped with four ports. There will be one ethernet port that is either coloured or labelled for internet access. In our scenario, we will not be utilising the specified port since we will not be accessing the internet.

After that, grab an ethernet cable and connect one end to your router and the other end to your computer or laptop (if you have one).

Step-3: Configure Your Router’s DHCP Server 

To setup the DHCP server, you must first go to the configuration page of your router. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Any web browser may be used to access the IP address of your router.
  • You will be sent to the configuration page for your router.
  • Now you need to log into your router. The log-in information for your router may be found on the back of the packaging that contains it.
  • Now go to the DHCP configuration page. The page will appear similar to the one seen below.
  • Configure the IP pool’s range of addresses. Set it up using the IP address of your router as a starting point. As an example, the IP address of our router was As a result, we configured the range through
  • There is no need to configure DNS or any other settings. Because you are not connected to the internet.
  • After that, just press the apply button to complete the process.

Step-4: Set up the wireless settings

The majority of current routers configure it after setting the DHCP server. All you have to do is change the user name and password. However, if your router does not do this function automatically. Then

Navigate to the Wireless Configuration option on your router’s main screen.

  • Configure the SSID name to reflect your own preferences.
  • WPA2 is the security protocol that should be configured.
  • Now, enter a strong password for your router and hit the “Apply” button.
  • It may take some time for your router to get up to speed.

It is now possible to connect to your wireless network at home. Follow the steps outlined below to determine whether or not the network has been configured.

Step-5: Test A Device

Turn on the wifi on any device and you’ll be able to see what network you’re connected to. Connect to the network by entering your username and password. The network should be visible on your device, and if it connects to it without any problems, your home LAN has been completed successfully and is ready for use.

Your personal local area network (LAN) has been established. The usage of a network switch is recommended if you need to link more than three devices together through an ethernet wire.

So, you should be able to do all of the things listed above without the use of the internet by now. In order to learn more about them, you may read our articles on How to operate devices remotely/Host LAN games or How to construct your own home server and stream material accessible on your network.

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Can a router be connected wirelessly?

Yes, if you wish to use a wireless connection to join a second router to your home network, that is possible. However, in the majority of current systems, the router will function as a wireless access point.

Can I get internet without a modem?

Yes, if your internet service provider offers internet access using an ethernet connection, you will be able to access the internet without the need of a modem.

How do I setup a wireless router without a computer?

It is possible to configure your router with the use of your smartphone. The majority of current routers come with their own smartphone application. All you have to do is turn on your router and link it to your smartphone to get started. Then you’ll need to go into the app and configure your router.
If your router does not come with an app, you will need to obtain the IP address of the router and paste it into the browser of your smartphone. Then go to the router’s configuration page and make the necessary changes.


You can find out all you need to know about “can a wireless router function without an internet connection” right here! A router can function even if there is no internet connection. However, in order to function without the internet, your router must have built-in functionality.

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