How to Increase Number of Devices on Wifi Router

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Different wireless routers have varying capacities in terms of the number of devices that may be connected to them over the internet. You can have difficulties if you need to connect additional devices to the internet over the same wifi network at the same time.

This may seem to be an insurmountable effort, yet it is not impossible. It is our hope that the information we present in this article will help you understand how to expand the number of devices connected to your wifi network in order to get the most out of your existing wifi router.

The ability to expand the number of devices that can be connected to a wifi router will assist to eliminate the need to acquire a new wifi router in the long run.

Get a wifi extender

One of the most effective alternatives to consider when searching for ways to boost the number of devices connected to your wifi network will be to get a wifi extender.

It performs well and has the potential to allow you to connect additional devices to that router. The amount of additional devices to which you will be able to connect will be determined by the capabilities of the extender that you buy.

NAT functionality should be sought in such an extension when shopping for one of these devices. You should also check to see whether the wifi extender is equipped with a DHCP server, since this will make the process of setting up the connection much simpler.

When you use a DHCP server, your router will have an easier time assigning a unique IP address to each of your connected devices, making it much easier for the newly connected device to connect to the internet.

How the wifi extender works

One of the disadvantages of this approach is that the wifi extender may wind up assigning a single IP address to all of the devices connected to it. Even if you wind up adding 20 or more additional devices to the wifi extender, all of the new devices will share the same IP address because of the way the wifi extender works.

As part of its operation, the wifi extender will scan all of the IP addresses associated with the devices that you have connected to the hotspot that hosts the devices in order to complete the task at hand.

In fact, it is likely that the wifi extender to which you have connected may begin to behave as if it is another connected device on its own, making the situation much more dire.

When considering how to expand the number of devices connected to a wifi network by using a wifi extender, keep this in mind.

How to Increase Number of Devices on Wifi Router


  1. Using a computer, smart phone or tablet that’s connected to your AC785, open an Internet browser.
  2. Go to http://netgear.aircard.
  3. The page will ask for the administrator password. By default, the password is password.

On the left side, click on WiFi then click on Options.

WiFiOptions may be found by scrolling down the page.

Select the maximum number of wireless clients from the Max WiFi dropdown list and then click on Submit to complete the process.

Note: To adjust the number of wireless clients that can connect per network, just click on the left and right arrows.

Correcting slow internet

One of the numerous issues that might arise as a result of connecting a large number of devices to your wifi router is that the internet connection speed begins to deteriorate significantly.

Consequently, you may find yourself unable to complete many activities at the pace you would have liked them to be completed. If you are seeking for a way to expand the number of devices connected to your wifi network while also preventing poor internet, you might consider utilising the AC wifi.

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Multi-band router

The usage of multi-band routers is another option for increasing the number of devices connected to the internet.

These sorts of wifi routers will allow you to connect more devices to your network since the internet speed will be sufficient to meet the demands of each of these devices.

A multi-band router performs better than an ac router in most situations. As its name says, it has many bands and allows for the connecting of several devices at the same time.

It also allows you to access the internet at a much quicker pace than before. Every additional band included inside such a router will result in the creation of extra lanes for the internet network to travel through, ensuring that there is no clogging of network traffic.

For those who wish to connect more devices to the network in their house and ensure that all of the devices are receiving fast internet service, using a router with several bands is in your best interest.

If you wish to raise the number of devices on your network to more than 15, for example, you should consider purchasing a router with up to three bands.

Do you want to be able to connect all of your smart home devices to the internet at the same time and are searching for a way to expand the number of devices linked to the internet in order to do this?

Then you should think about utilising a tri-band router to connect your devices. A router of this kind will aid in the reduction of network congestion and the creation of a house that is as smart as you have ever imagined.

There is a difference in the capability of routers from one another. If you anticipate that you will need to connect several devices in the future, why not just get a router that is capable of supporting a large number of devices?

This will save you the time and effort of attempting to figure out how to expand the number of devices connected to your wifi network. In addition, the internet speeds produced by each of these devices varies from one another, as previously stated. This is something you must keep in mind at all times.


How many devices can connect to WiFi router?

As previously said, the amount of devices that your wifi router is capable of connecting to will undoubtedly vary. Because of this, it is essential to verify with the manufacturer or internet service provider that is providing the wifi services.

Can too many devices slow down WiFi?

Sure. The higher the number of devices connected on your Wifi, the slower it becomes.

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