How To Fix Arris Modem WiFi

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If you’re experiencing problems with your Arris Modem, you’re not alone. In a time of need, you may need someone to help you fix the problem. But who is best suited to do this for you? Some people say it’s your partner, some people say it’s your partner’s friend. The decision is yours to make. But remember: the person who fixes your Modem is also someone who knows his or her inside scoop. So whether you call on them or not, it’s important that the person who fixes your Modem is someone who can take all the care and love possible.

Why Is My Arris Router WiFi Not Working?

arris router’s wireless network is not functioning. arris router’s wireless network is not functioning.
Trying to figure out why your Arris router’s WiFi isn’t working? There might be a slew of options, but fortunately for you, we’ve thought of them all and come up with a solution!

It is necessary to do a hard reset on your Arris router WiFi before allowing the network to breathe by unplugging any unneeded devices and VPN software. After that, you may try to enhance the wireless signal as much as you can, and as a final option, you can factory reset the device if necessary.

Continue reading to learn about the many different options that are open to you.

Why Is The WiFi Not Working On Arris Router?

There are a variety of reasons why WiFi might go down. From a hardware failure with your router to scheduled maintenance or an internet outage in your neighbourhood, there is something for everyone.

But, for the time being, let’s rule out this scenario and look at the more common causes of Arris router WiFi failures.

1. An Issue with the Arris Router

If there is a problem with your routers, such as a hardware failure or a temporary power failure, the WiFi may not operate properly.

2. Wrong Frequency

It is possible that your router will not function if you have selected an incompatible transmission frequency for it.

3. An issue with your Device

You could be experiencing this sort of problem because the gadget you’re attempting to connect to WiFi with isn’t working.

4. Fault in Cable Connections

Finally, a probable defect in the cable connections that your router relies on might also result in WiFi that isn’t functioning properly.

How To Fix Arris Router WiFi Not Working?

How To Fix Arris Modem WiFi

wifi not functioning on the arris router repair wifi not functioning on the arris router repair
It is necessary to restart your router in order to begin debugging your problem after you have identified the probable reasons of the problem. When it comes to Arris routers, some feature a restart button; if yours does not, you may use the Power Cycle function to restart it.

Solution #1 Hard Reset Arris Router

If your router does not have a restart button, the power cycle approach is the most effective alternative to using it. This method, also known as the power cycle, will undoubtedly cool down your device and ensure that it boots up cleanly the next time you turn it on or power it on.

If you are unfamiliar with how to do a power cycle, follow these steps:

  • Remove the Arris router’s power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Allow for a few minutes for the power to drain completely.
  • Then, reconnect the power adapter to the wall outlet.
  • Start by turning on your router.

To discover the current condition of your router after it has been turned off and on, check for WiFi. If it doesn’t work, we’ll move on to our next option.

Solution #2 Disconnect ALL Devices

You may be experiencing outages simply because your network is overburdened with the number of devices connected to it if you have a large number of devices connected to your network. In spite of being switched off, a connected device may continue to drain network resources from your connection in order to perform app or firmware upgrades.

For further information on how to remove a device from your network, go to the following guidelines:

  • Navigate to the device’s Settings menu.
  • Navigate to the WiFi settings.
  • Make certain that WiFi is turned off.
  • (Optional) If you’re not sure whether or not you turned off the WiFi, you may as well activate the aeroplane mode anyhow.

Once this is completed, connect ONLY to the device on which you will be completing the testing and see whether the WiFi signal is any better now.

Solution #3 Improve Wireless Signal

The fact that you are too far away from your Arris router may be causing you to be unable to get WiFi on your device. Make sure you’re in the same room as the router or right next to it, then check to see whether you’ll be able to connect to WiFi right away.

  • In addition, here are some things you may do to improve the signal strength of your WiFi:
  • Instead of using the 5GHz frequency, switch to the 2.4GHz network.
  • Place the router in the centre of the room to ensure optimal performance.
  • Inspect the antennas to ensure that they are pointed upward.
  • Disable the function that allows guests to connect to the network.
  • Firmware updates for your router are available.

Solution #4 Remove Interference

A solid item or gadget that interferes with the WiFi connection coming from your Arris router may as well suppress the connection.

Here’s what you can do to reduce the amount of interference as much as you possibly can:

  1. Remove any heavy or metallic items from the area.

Metal items in close proximity to your router might create problems. As a result, be certain that there are no solid metal items in the vicinity of or on top of your path.

  1. Interference with the device.

It is possible that a device connected through a wireless connection adjacent to your router may create interference with the WiFi signal. Consoles, cable boxes, and even computer output devices are examples of what is meant by this.

When you’re finished, go back to option #1 and conduct a power cycle, after which you may test your WiFi. If that doesn’t make a difference, let’s move on to the next possible remedy.

Solution #5 Attempt The 30-30-30 Method

The 30-30-30 Method is a novel approach of rebooting your network after it has been down for a while. Considering how many people have reported success with this strategy in terms of increasing WiFi speed, here is how to do it properly:

You should next follow these steps when you have located the relevant button.

  • For 30 seconds, press and hold the reset button on your Arris router.
  • Remove the power adapter and wait for another 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Connect the adapter while simultaneously pressing and holding the reset button for the last 30 seconds of the process.

This process might take a couple of minutes so brace yourself with patience!

Solution #6 Disconnect VPN Software

It is very vital to determine whether or not there is active VPN software on the devices that are connected to this WiFi network before proceeding. It is possible that the PC is utilising a wired connection, so be sure to thoroughly verify the system.

Using a VPN programme, you may have your IP address scrambled every time you visit a new website, which causes the data to go far further than it should. Although it is supposed to be employed as a security measure, it has been shown to have a negative influence on WiFi performance.

Solution #7 Change WiFi Channels

Your WiFi could be slow in case the channel your network is using is overwhelming. Luckily when you’re in the router’s settings (check solution #4), you can easily switch between the channels.

The following steps will show you how to modify the channels on your Arris router:

  • Locate the Wireless settings on your router’s configuration page.
  • Select the 802.11 wireless radio technology.
  • Change the channel by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
  • It doesn’t matter which one, as long as it is different from the existing one, is all that matters.
    Continue by saving the settings and restarting the router.

You may experiment with a variety of various channels until you find the one that is most comfortable for you. In the event that changing the channels does not assist, let’s look at the final option you have available to you.

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Solution #8 Factory Reset Your Arris Router

You may go to the settings page of your router by going back to solution #4, where everything is explained in detail and step by step.

Once you’ve logged into your router’s control panel, follow these steps to do a factory reset:

Locate the System Reset tab and press the Reset button to begin the process.
Repeat the login process by entering your password again and clicking on Confirm.
Once your router has completed its self-rebooting process, check to see whether the WiFi has been restored.

If your Arris modem’s WiFi isn’t working properly, try power cycling the device and using the 30-30-30 approach. In the event that nothing else works, eliminate any potential interference, change the power supply and WiFi channel, and finally conduct a factory reset.


Bottom Line:

Now that you understand why your Arris router’s WiFi isn’t functioning, implementing the necessary fixes should be considerably simpler.

Even if you were unable to address the issue at home, you are now one step closer to identifying the root cause, which will allow you to call your Internet service provider for additional help.

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