Can I Use Old Router As Extender

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With a few simple adjustments, your old router may be used to expand your home network. If you discover that your Wi-Fi or wired internet connection doesn’t spread out far enough, a single router can take your signal and extend it even further with the help of a second router. This might be really beneficial, particularly if you want to use internet-hungry gadgets such as the Dell XPS 17 9710. What else were you planning to do with the old router in the first place? Here’s how to utilise an outdated router as a Wi-Fi extender in your home or office.

How to prepare your old router

  • First, you should restore your old router to factory settings.
  • Log in with your email address and password to get started. Check out the defaults if you don’t know what they are.
  • As soon as you log in, check for choices like advanced, system tools, or administrator settings.
  • You’ll probably notice an option to restore to factory settings inside there. Select this!
  • Restart the router.
  • Look for the administrative option in the router’s settings once again.
  • Using the router’s auto-update feature or looking for the firmware online, you may update the firmware.

How to use your old router as a Wi-Fi extender

  • In your old router, connect an Ethernet wire to the WAN or internet port.
  • You may connect the other end of the Ethernet wire to one of the ports on your newer router.
  • Open the configuration page for your old router in a web browser.
  • Look for internet, bridge, or repeater options in its settings.
  • When it comes to TP-Link routers, the choice you need is found under Operation Mode. Go to ‘Operation Mode’ and choose it.

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  • For Netgear routers, Bridge mode is under Advanced and Advanced setup.
  • For Linksys routers, Wireless Bridge mode is under Internet Settings.
  • Change the Network name (SSID) if prompted.
  • Save settings.

As long as you have these configurations in place, your old router will properly receive the Wi-Fi signal from your new router and broadcast it across the area where it is situated. At the other end of the spectrum from a mesh router network, you will have to manually connect to both the old and new routers. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic way to make use of an outdated piece of technology while also providing you with more coverage in regions where your Wi-Fi would otherwise be inaccessible.


Can I use old router as Wi-Fi extender?

By turning an old router into a Wi-Fi extender, you can let the signal reach other parts of the house, which should solve any coverage problems. It’s easy to reconfigure an old router into an extender so that the device grabs a strong Wi-Fi signal and sends out a fresh stream of data to previously unconnected areas.

Is a second router better than a Wi-Fi extender?

First, they have to be close enough to get the router’s signal. Second, their speed is half the router because everything is transmitted twice. You will get better, faster performance if you use WAPs (WiFi Access Points).

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